Testing Simulator ABB TMR August, SC300E


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Note: This Article is a response of question in other post’s comment.

Testing Simulator ABB TMR August, Tribuild 1.42
System Type: SC300E
IO Chassis Slot:

IO Chassis –> System Parameters: left as it is. just pressed OK.

View Network Editor and create the program.
After that Don’t forget to choose Enable Network
Ladder Scan rate: 100 ms

Run the simulator and testing by Forcing 1001. The Result, coil 8001 is energize.

ABB TMR August Simulation Program

ABB TMR August Simulation Program

It’s working properly for few seconds.
After that the program’s crash … but at least the simulation was working properly. 🙂


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Satu Tanggapan to “Testing Simulator ABB TMR August, SC300E”

  1. Angel Camacho Says:


    Firstly thank you very much for your attention.
    I commented to you that I followed the steps as you indicated to me and I do not run the simulation correctly. I can see that my version of Tribuild (1.44) that I have is different from yours (1.42), which makes me think that maybe I have a error in my software. I also followed the steps of the manual without success.
    I would like to share you my version of Tribuild to dismiss this error.


    Again thanks for your attention.

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