ESD (Emergency Shutdown) System – Push Button ESD


Sharing …

Beberapa waktu lalu lihat-lihat Push Button ESD …

Push Button ESD ini digunakan untuk shutdown plant baik partial shutdown maupun shutdown total.

Nah sekalian buka-buka arsip lama…

#project Arthit CPP – PTTEP Thailand…

ESD nya bukan berupa push button tetapi Break Glass ditambah cover seperti Fire Manual Alarm Callpoint (MAC) .. trus di Cat warna kuning… jadi membedakan dengan Fire MAC.

Kalau Fire MACnya seperti ini…

Mirip yah …. Cuman beda warna dan ada covernya saja …

#project di Conocophillips FPSO – Belanak Natuna …

Kalau di cek website MEDCnya … ada beberapa pilihan …

Tambahan info …

Maksud dari IP 66 dan IP 67 seperti berikut (dari wikipedia)

Kalau pengen tahu apa itu emergency shutdown system.

Bisa kita kutip dari Wikipedia …

Safety instrumented system

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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A Safety Instrumented System (SIS) consists of an engineered set of hardware and software controls which are especially used on critical process systems. A critical process system can be identified as one which, once running and an operational problem occurs, may need to be put into a “Safe State” to avoid adverse Safety, Health and Environmental(SH&E) consequences. Examples of critical processes have been common since the beginning of the Industrial Age. One of the more well known critical processes is the operation of a steam boiler. Critical parts of the process would include the lighting of the burners, controlling the level of water in the drum and controlling the steam pressure.

An SIS is engineered to perform “specific control functions” to failsafe or maintain safe operation of a process when unacceptable or dangerous conditions occur. Safety Instrumented Systems must be independent from all other control systems that control the same equipment in order to ensure SIS functionality is not compromised. SIS is composed of the same types of control elements (including sensors, logic solvers, actuators and other control equipment) as a Basic Process Control System (BPCS). However, all of the control elements in an SIS are dedicated solely to the proper functioning of the SIS.



2 Tanggapan to “ESD (Emergency Shutdown) System – Push Button ESD”

  1. Rekayasa Listrik Says:

    Halo Pak Jun, kalo ESD pake break glass, nanti kalo ditekan harus ganti break glass dong ya Pak biar system normal kembali?

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