apa beda ASTM A105 dan ASTM A216 di datasheet valve body material

sekedar sharing..

lagi cek data sheet valve body material.
Nah di existing datasheet ada disebutkan ASTM A216 dan
ada vendor yang menawarkan ASTM A105 ..
Nah apa bedanya …?

cari-cari di mbah google berikut jawabannya:
sumber: http://www.eng-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=21146

terjemahin sendiri yah…

qqquaker (Computer)
12 Apr 02 11:06
Can anyones tell me what is the difference between A105 & A216 . I tried to purchase A105 body type ball valve but they only offer A216 GR WCB and said it will be same material. Is this true .

mgp (Mechanical)
12 Apr 02 11:50
A105 is forged carbon steel
per ASME material group 1.1
The equivalent casting is A216 WCB, i.e.
unless you have any problems in buying a cast body valve the material is ok.


kstaylor (Mechanical)
12 Apr 02 12:03
ASTM A105 and A216-WCB (or their ASME SA equivalents) are two different product forms. A/SA105 is a forged material specification while A/SA216-WCB is a cast material specification. The chemical composition for each material is essentially the same (low carbon steel) but there may be some very minor differences in exact ranges of minor elements. Get copies of both material specifications and check them out for yourself.

What size valve are you trying to buy? What is the fluid service and design conditions of your application?

If you are purchasing a commercially mass produced valve then you will be subject to what the valve manufacturer produces or has in stock. Valves 1/2″ through 2″ NPS are generally forged body valves. If you are buying a valve larger than 2″ NPS then you are generally going to get a cast body. If you really want a forged valve body for your ball valve that is larger than 2″ NPS, you will probably need to go to a specialty valve manufacturer and have one custom engineered to your specifications. Such companies include Valvetron (Houston), Valvetech (Houston), and QAP (Oakland, CA), among others in the USA. I am less familiar with companies outside of the US. There may be some companies that offer both cast and forged bodies for ball valves in sizes larger than 2″ NPS without going the custom engineering route but I am not personnally familiar with any.

Evaluate your application and judge whether a cast body will work for you or if you still need a forged body.

VenPipingEng (Mechanical)
20 May 02 12:37
The answer of KSTaylor gives you the full scenario regarding to this two material specifications, when it comes to valve bodies material.

Please, be aware of the facility you are purchasing this valve for MUST have a “Piping Material Specification” (commonly referred as: “Piping Class”) where you will find the valve caracteristics for every single service in “your” plant … use it!! … so you’ll keep using the same materials the plant already have installed (for operation & maintenance this is a very good practice). The Piping Class will also let you know wheter you need to buy a flanged; socket-welded or screwed valve.

Failures (Mechanical)
24 May 02 6:33
What is difference between API 5L Gr.B and ASTM A106 Gr.B pipes ?

sadra (Petroleum)
3 Jun 02 4:50
A106 Gr.B always is seamless but API 5L Gr.B can be seamless or welded manufactured.Mechanical & chemical properties for these two kind of pipes also slightly different.

qqquaker (Computer)
8 Aug 02 12:22
Thank you all.
Your infos are valuable to me .

abbver98 (Mechanical)
13 Aug 02 7:46
they are all a carbon steel.
A105 is forged, 206WCB is a casting steel.
Keep in mind that the defects aren’t the same none the method of detecting them.
With WCB material body will be thicker than with A105 (factor of 0.8 and the low mechanical properties for casting ).

azeem (Computer)
30 Aug 02 12:02
if ur pressure is not more than 500 psi then u can use a-216 wcb valves, 150 or 300 class, but if u would like to use more than 2000 psi u have not any other option except a-105 forged steel valve,
a-216 valves are avilable and manufacture from 150 class to 600 class
means max working pressure is 900 psi
and a-105 forged steel valves are manufactured for 3000 psi, 6000 psi, 9000 psi, and 12000 psi,,working pressure,,
after that pressure there is no more option excepth needle valve.

kesimpulannya, karena nanti mau pakai Rating ANSI 300# & 600# maka penawaran A105 bisa diterima.

silahkan kalau ada yang mau menambahkan …


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