opsi upgrade ke ABB Independent High Integrity (HI) Safety System


Minggu kemarin selain mengadakan inhouse training ABB TMR Triguard, kami mengundang pihak ABB untuk melakukan site audit atau healty check sistem-sistem ABB TMR kami.

Nah di laporan mereka ternyata mereka memberikan informasi bahwa sistem yang kami pakai tinggal beberapa tahun lagi akan obsolete (alias tidak diproduksi lagi).

Wah sayang sekali padahal saya baru ikut training tapi beberapa tahun lagi bakal tidak terpakai. Yah tapi masih lumayan lah daripada tidak tahu sama sekali untuk bbrp tahun ini.

Jadi perlu dipertimbangkan strateginya, apakah akan dipertahankan dengan memperbanyak stock spare parts yang tentunya makin lama barangnya makin mahal dan langka atau mulai di upgrade satu persatu. Tentunya dipertimbangkan juga sampai kapan barang-barang ini dipergunakan.

Salah satu opsi upgrade, tentunya yang di tawarkan barang buatan mereka yaitu ABB HI (High Integrity) Controller System.

Ada yang sudah pakai di plant anda? Silahkan di sharing disini..

Berikut saya ambil sebagian info dari brosur mereka.

Independent HI Safety System Description

ABB has over 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture and implementation of process safety systems. With operations on all continents and dedicated safety system teams around the world, ABB provides not only highly-qualified technical resources during project delivery, but also ensures competent local support and service in operation. We work hard with end-users to maintain and evolve existing installations, thereby maximizing customer value and ensuring safe plant operation.

The newest safety system offering in ABB’s portfolio is the Independent High Integrity (HI) TUV Certified Safety System. This system has been designed to address opportunities in projects where a physically and functionally segregated safety concept is desired.

Independent HI consists of the following components:

• AC 800M HI SIL3 controller

• S880 Series SIL3 I/O modules

• Remote I/O up to 20 km

• Control Builder Engineering Tool with TUV certification (Control Builder Safe)

• SIL Certified engineering libraries

• Connectivity interfaces to other systems and visualization packages

• Diagnostic tools

It will also be possible to upgrade the Independent HI to a fully integrated System 800xA High Integrity by simply adding the additional licenses required.

Outstanding features of the Independent HI offering are:

• Available redundancy for high availability (~ 99.9999%)

• Near 100% diagnostic coverage without hardware fault tolerance factors or voting

• Communication modules for safety peer to peer and interfacing with ABB and 3rd party equipment

• Certified libraries for streamlined engineering ensure sustainable solutions over the application lifecycle

There have been over 3500 safety controllers and 500,000 SIL certified I/O points installed globally since the release of High Integrity in 2005.

The Independent HI system is made up of the exact same TUV certified components as the System 800xA High Integrity safety system utilizing only those items required for certified safety operations. For an operational view, it can be connected to any HMI via OPC/MODBUS.

Independent HI is the perfect solution for any industry with a safety critical application from Oil & Gas (on/off shore, midstream), to Petrochemical and Chemical or Pulp & Paper and Power in applications such as relay/interlock system replacements, boiler control retrofits, Burner / Boiler Management Systems (BMS), High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS), and Remote Terminal Units (RTU’s) on critical pipelines.

Since it can be interfaced with any process control system, Independent HI can be used with ABB’s Freelance, ControlMaster or Symphony Plus (Harmony and Melody) systems or our heritage (Advant, MOD300) technologies as well as 3rd party control systems or PLC’s.

In addition, connectivity is available for 3rd party process control systems, HMI software and/or process panels (i.e. ABB’s Compact 800 or Panel 800), making Independent HI the perfect SIL3 certified safety system independent of the control system technology or vendor on your site.

The Independent HI is certified for SIL3 by TUV to the IEC61508 and IEC61511 standards for safety

Independent HI Applications

Emergency Shutdown (ESD)

An ESD system will take the plant to a predefined safe state if the basic process control system and/or the process shutdown system fails to gain control of the process. The ESD system must be extremely reliable and function on demand. TUV cer­tification to SIL2/3 according to the IEC 61508 and IEC61511 (ISA84) standards is required. The Independent HI safety system is the perfect solution for ESD applications.

Relay Interlock Replacement

Relay interlock systems were installed prior to 1st generation safety systems in order to protect people and equipment. They relied on manual pushbuttons and operator interven­tion for shutdown action. Many of these systems are still in place today, grandfathered under the new standards. Relay systems provide no diagnostics and limited visibility into the equipment and process, so they are a good target for re­placement with the Independent HI.

Remote Terminal Units (RTU)

An RTU is responsible for remote site automation, monitoring and telemetry. RTU’s include both local and remote control. They are typically found on pipeline monitoring, oil & gas wells, pumping stations, tank level and temperature applica­tions. Safety controllers are used in RTU applications when hazardous chemicals or conditions are present. The Inde­pendent HI with its extended communication capability is a very good fit for this application.

Safety for Machinery

The Independent HI, with its SIL certified controllers, is an ef­fective solution for protecting people from dangerous moving or rotating machines and meets the relevant IEC standards. The IEC 62061 standard defines the requirements for electri­cal control system (SRECS) which is intended to reduce the risk of injury to persons in the immediate vicinity of the ma­chine and those involved directly with the use of the machine.

Burner / Boiler Management (BMS)

BMS Systems are dedicated to combustion safety and opera­tor assistance in the starting and stopping of fuel preparation and burning equipment and for preventing mis-operation of and damage to this equipment. A BMS requires compliance IEC61508/61511 standards and other related national or inter­national codes (i.e. NFPA 85). The Independent HI is a great fit for this application especially when used together with ABB’s UVISOR Flame Scanner technology.

High Integrity Pressure Protection (HIPPS)

High Integrity Pressure Protection System is a Safety instru­mented system designed to meet SIL3 and a high availability, its purpose is to mitigate identified overpressure scenarios. The HIPPS must provide an installation that is as safe or safer than the pressure relief device that it replaces. Industry is increas­ingly moving towards utilizing HIPPS to reduce flare loading and prevent the environmental impact of pressure venting. Indepen­dent HI can provide the certified SIL3 performance required for this application.

Fire and Gas (F&G)

Fire & Gas systems detect fire, gas leakage and initiate firefight­ing, shutdown and isolation of ignition sources. The F&G is a mitigating layer of protection, because the purpose is to reduce the consequence severity of such an event when it occurs. It is common to design a F&G as normally de-energized (NDE), meaning the loop must be energized in order to initiate a trip of the F&G. Independent HI’s flexible architecture and array of certifications make it a good solution for fire and gas systems.

Independent HI Functionality

The Independent High Integrity system meets the same high level of quality and safety functionality as ABB’s System 800xA High Integrity integrated safety system. The benefit is that it stands alone providing a physically and functionally segregated safety solution.

The features and functionality you will receive with an Inde­pendent HI system are defined below:

Meets Industry Standards

Independent HI systems are delivered and supported in ac­cordance with the strictest current standards. The system meets among others the IEC 61508, IEC 61511, EN 954, NFPA 85 & NFPA 72, ISO 13849-1 and IEC 62601 standards.

In addition to defining product requirements, these standards specify procedures and routines for all activities required to manage safety throughout the entire lifecycle of the SIS system. This includes planning, design, implementation, documentation, training, operation, and maintenance. Due to its strict accordance with the relevant standards, TÜV has certified all product components of the Independent HI Safety offering.

AC 800M High Integrity Controller

The AC 800M HI offers a SIL3 TÜV certified control environ­ment for process safety in a single controller. The AC 800M High Integrity controller is realized by combining the proces­sor module (PM865) with the safety module (SM811). Flexible redundancy schemes enable controller configurations up to and including Quad configuration.

In SIL rated applications, it is possible to choose among three IEC 61131-3 languages, Function Block Diagram, Structured Text, and Sequential Function Charts. For non-SIL applica­tions, all five IEC 61131-3 languages are available for use.

High Integrity I/O

The S880 safety I/O is a distributed, highly modularized and flexible I/O system, providing easy installation of I/O modules and process cabling. S880 I/O modules and their termina­tion units can be mounted and combined in many different configurations to fit any space requirements or meet the needs of any application. A comprehensive assortment of I/O modules and accessories are available for safety critical and non-critical use.

Within the S880 I/O family, there are SIL3 compliant modules for safety critical applications including 4 – 20 mA analog inputs, 24 Vdc digital inputs and 24 Vdc digital outputs. The digital output module provides both Normally Energized (ESD) and Normally De-energized (F&G) outputs. Analog inputs sup­port HART routing for easy calibration checking and diagnosis with configurable access, while the digital inputs support local time stamping of signal changes for high accuracy sequence-of-events logging.

Hot-Swap and redundancy of the S880 I/O will increase the system availability and allows maintenance activities without process interruption.

Independent HI Functionality

Control Builder Safe Engineering The object oriented engineering environment with SIL com­pliant function libraries efficiently supports the entire safety lifecycle. The engineering environment includes safeguards against non-SIL compliant configurations. The engineering system will automatically limit user configuration choices and will prevent download if SIL requirements are not met.

A series of safety measures are implemented both for the downloading process and runtime environment including CRC protection on different levels, double code generation with comparison and compiler with revalidation are just a few examples of the embedded firewall mechanisms.

Specifically, the following measures for safety system engi­neering are included:

• IEC61131-3 programming languages

• Access control and override (force) control

• Application change report

• Application libraries and solutions

Certified Libraries Control Builder Safe is delivered with an extensive set of pre­defined type solutions stored in standard libraries. These include data types, functions, function blocks and control modules that can be used to create safety applications. The SIL certified objects and functions in the standard libraries are identified with a SIL marking in the engineering tool.

All necessary SIL certified objects and functions can be found in the certified engineering libraries. Other available libraries contain some components certified for use in SIL compliant applications. See the AC 800M High Integrity Safety manual for details.

Core Functions

The Independent HI has many built in core functions that simplify engineering and ensure consistent and safe operations including:

• System security and embedded firewalls (Access Control, Confirm Operations and Force Control)

• Access control to SIL applications such as Read, Configure, Confirm or Confirm and Access Enable.

• Time tagging events to millisecond accuracy for Sequence of Events (SOE)

• Time stamped audit trails document all changes made to the system by user and change type

• System diagnostics and Difference Report

Connectivity and Interfacing

Independent HI comes complete with the connectivity modules and protocols required to connect with process panels (Modbus), other ABB Control Systems (Modbus or OPC) and 3rd party software and control systems. The non-interfering communications protocols enable read access to the safety system data for any type of display.


There are extensive system and hardware diagnostics including CPU load, ethernet statistics and status of controllers, I/O, communication, power supplies etc. System status viewers provide detailed information about the health of each component.

By using different technologies in a redundant scheme (diverse redundancy) and combining with voting, software diagnostics and diverse implementation, it is possible to minimize Common Cause Failures and meet the reliability SIL 3 requirements without hardware redundancy.

Independent HI Interfacing to Systems & HMI’s

ABB’s Independent HI safety system is perfect for those applications where the deep integration with the Process Control System is not required. Those situations include:

• “Stand alone” safety systems where no integration with a DCS is required (i.e. relay replacements)

• Safety systems where visualization will be provided by a process panel or simple HMI program

• Safety systems where visualization will be provided by one of the ABB control systems such as Freelance, ControlMaster, Symphony Plus (Harmony or Melody) or the heritage lines (i.e. Advant, MOD300).

• Safety systems where visualization will be provided by a third party DCS or PLC supplier

In any case, Independent HI delivers the same SIL3 compliance and proven track record of the 800xA High Integrity solution.

The Independent HI system is comes with all of the necessary communications options and connectivity required to connect to just about any system. The connectivity options include:

• AC 800M Connect for engineering and test

• OPC Client Connection for OPC DA connectivity

Additional communications modules that have been certified for non-interference and can be used to read data from the safety system include::

• Modbus TCP

• RS-232

• Profibus DP/V1

• Masterbus 300

Referensi: Brosur ABB Safety Solutions – Independent High Integrity Safety System

Web: http://www.abb.com/product/ap/seitp334/03e28cee87f70223c1257ab000327f7d.aspx


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