Upgrade Bently 3300 ke 3500 Encore

Apakah ada yang pernah mengganti 3300 dengan tipe 3500 Encore?

Kelihatannya bagus kalau diupgrade mengingat 3300 sudah produk lama dan mungkin sebentar lagi sudah obsolete.

Sayangnya saya blum punya data kapan 3300 obsolete.

Kalau searching di google, berikut infonya:


“BN3300 is more traditionally used to monitor that can be optioned to interface to various control system. Still can be used to date but as per GE Bently personal this product is going to be obsolete in 2015”

Info dari Web Bently.

The 3500 EN CORE product is a 3500 board based on the

newest technology highlighted above, but in a form factor

that allows it to be used in a 3300 chassis. With the larger

form factor we were able to include an integral color

display for local indication of bargraphs and alarms. This

allows customers to extend the life of their investment in

the Bently Nevada 3300 system while obtaining the

benefits of the latest digital technology. For more

information on the 3500 EN CORE product, please visit


3500 ENCORE Series Monitoring System

The 3500 ENCORE is the most cost effective, non-intrusive means of upgrading your existing 3300 monitoring system to the state-of-art condition monitoring technology. 3500 ENCORE extends the life of your investment while maintaining best-in-class protection of production assets without the hassle of rip and replace.


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