god of war II

akhirnya tamat juga games ini kemarin malam …. setelah sempat berhenti karena mentok di bbrp tempat  ….  sempat juga sih baca walkthroughnya .. download dari internet …. buat bantu2 ….  😉

emang rajin banget orang2 luar … dah selesai mainin gamesnya … eh mereka ketik walkthrough berdasarkan pengalaman mereka … terkadang sampe detil banget … gw jadi heran … kerja mereka cuman maen games saja kah … hehehehe …..

pa lagi sekarang kita bisa lihat gimana caranya mereka maenin maen game di www.youtube.com … salut banget buat mereka cara menyelesaikan gamesnya …..  ada yang speedrun (cepet2an selesaiin gamesnya … best time lah ) dan ada yang tanpa upgrade dan lain sebagainya …. (tergantung jenis gamesnya juga) …..

tapi buat gw sih …. dah cukup puas tamatin dengan mode normal ….. kalo diikutin bisa2 waktu gw cuman buat maen games aja …. 

oh iya …. god of war ini merupakan salah satu alasan kenapa gw beli PS2…. dulu yang kenalin games ini adalah teman kerja gw si aj di batam….  dia share video clipnya ….. keren banget animasinya …. makanya gw tertarik banget pengen nyoba ….. selain itu alasan lain yang sangat kuat buat gw beli PS2 karena games final fantasy …. gw dah ngikutin games ini sejak Final Fantasy IV, V, VI (super nintendo, cuman gw pake emulator), VII (pake komputer), VIII dan IX (ps1) ….

hehehehe…. ternyata gw yang namatin duluan games god of war ini daripada si aj …. maklum si aj ini sudah bersuami dan ngurusin anak juga ….  😉
sedangkan gw masih jomblo ….. huehehehehehhe …… 😀

berikut summary dari God of War II,  di ambil dari wikipedia .. artiin sendiri yah …. 😀

God of War II takes place some time after the events of the first game; Kratos, after his defeat of Ares, has become the new God of War, but has not been accepted by the other members of the Greek pantheon due to his ruthless treatment of the other Greek city-states. He finds enjoyment the only way he can, by leading his Spartan army in conquering Greece. Athena begs him to stop, saying she will no longer be able to protect him from the wrath of the gods, and that he owes her for making him God of War, but Kratos storms out, saying he needs no protection and that he owes her nothing. Athena sadly muses that Kratos has left her no choice.

The game begins as he descends to Rhodes, where an eagle (in reality Zeus, although Kratos believes it to be Athena) robs him of some of his godly powers, and brings to life the Colossus of Rhodes, to kill Kratos. After a protracted conflict with the metal giant that rages across the city, Zeus offers Kratos the Blade of Olympus, which Zeus himself used to overthrow the Titans, led by Atlas. At Zeus’ behest, Kratos infuses the blade with his own godly power, rendering him mortal but enabling him to destroy the Colossus. Unfortunately, Kratos is severely wounded by the Colossus’ hand in the battle. Zeus, having engineered the entire plot, reveals himself and demands that Kratos swear allegiance to him. Though weakened and unable to fight back, Kratos defies him, and is slain by the lord of Olympus.

However, as Kratos is being dragged towards an eternity of torment in the Underworld he is saved by Gaia, one of the Titans, who has observed his life up to this point and offers to save his life and help restore his powers. When the Titans were defeated by the Olympians, they were punished and humiliated, and they want Kratos’ help to exact revenge. Kratos escapes the Underworld and is bidden by Gaia to find the Sisters of Fate in order to change his past; she then gives Kratos the aid of Pegasus to traverse the distance to the Fates. Kratos and Pegasus fly to the Island of Creation where the Sisters of Fate await, well guarded on both the air and on land. As he explores the island, Kratos encounters a number of Titans and defeats many heroes and monsters, gaining new powers, weapons, and magical abilities to replace those lost to Zeus (as in the previous game, this process of exploration comprises the majority of the game).

Kratos finally confronts the Sisters, Lakhesis, Atropos, and Clotho, who operate and defend the Loom of Fate, which rules the lives of mortals and gods alike. Though they try everything at their disposal, including attempting to change the outcome of the first game’s final battle between Kratos and Ares, Kratos defeats them all and gains control of the Loom. He first goes back to his death at Zeus’ hands in Rhodes, leading to a lengthy battle with the King of the Gods. Kratos is victorious, but when he is about to strike the final blow on Zeus, Athena interposes herself, saving her father at the cost of her life. Her dying words reveal that Zeus’ actions are meant to break the Olympian cycle of son killing father, by killing Kratos (the son) before he can kill Zeus (the father). Kratos then vows to exact retribution on the Gods of Olympus for their petty acts of self-preservation.

Returning to the Loom, which is now collapsing, Kratos uses it once again to go further back in time, into the original war between the Gods and Titans, and offers the Titans the chance to come to the present day, where Zeus is weakened and Olympus in a state of confusion. Thus, the game ends with the Gods of Olympus, in the present, watching in horror as the Titans climb Mount Olympus, led by Kratos: “Zeus! Your son has returned! I bring the destruction of Olympus!”

buat lengkapnya … silahkan klik ini …  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/God_of_War_II

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  1. Centra Freeware: Online Free Information Says:

    Sama donk hobi kita… Tapi saya blum tamat.. Coz waktu saya sempit bgt..

  2. juare97 Says:

    kalo dah hobi pasti ada waktu trus ….
    ngambil waktu tidur / isitirahat / belajar 😀

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